Sneak Peek at Art Beat

by Nicole Harris

Just in case you weren't already planning on joining us at the Somerville Theatre tomorrow afternoon, here are a few reasons that this is a show you wont want to miss:

1.  A Guest Performer!

Anne Howarth has been a friend and supporter of Monkeyhouse for many years now (you might remember her from the series of photos on Moving Day!) and plays the french horn with the likes of the Plymouth Philharmonic Orchestra, Hartford Symphony, Rhode Island Philharmonic, Portland Symphony, and Boston Symphony Orchestra.  This Spring she and Karen got together and created a very sweet new piece that involves dancing, the french horn and a rhinoceros!

2.  A Premier (or two!)

I am premiering a new duet, Fidelius, which will be performed by the ever wonderful Nikki SaoPedro and Caitlin Meehan.  I have loved working with them both and they have done amazing things with this piece.  I am so excited!  Speaking of Caitlin, she will be premiering a solo of her own!!

3.  A Preview!

Monkeyhouse will be performing at the Massachusetts Dance Festival (both in Boston and Amherst) the last two weekends in August.  We will be premiering a new quartet there that we've been building for the past year.  However, you wont have to wait until August because tomorrow we will be showing an excerpt from that quartet!

That is just a small selection of what we have in store for you tomorrow.  So, just in case you've forgotten, here's the info on Art Beat:

Saturday, July 17th
Somerville Theatre

Don't forget to check out all the other wonderful artists and performers that will be lining the streets of Davis Square tonight and tomorrow too!!

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