Cupcakes and Your Just Desserts

by Karen Krolak

On my way over to the office the other day, I stopped by Kickass Cupcakes to snag a treat for all the lovely people who make the Springstep Building such a glorious place to work. While attempting to choose from their wide and wonderful array, I was rather intrigued by the photo of a mailman adorning a tray of chocolate cupcakes. Apparently, they have dedicated their new Hot Stuff cupcake spiked with a little red pepper to their postman. I simply couldn't resist sticking one of those in along with a Caramel Mochiatto, a Green Monster, a Mojito, and a few others. As I drove through Medford, I overcame the urge to steal one for myself.

Fortunately for my new office mates, I was distracted by the shipment of David Wechsler's show stopping chocolate cookies that I received in the mail that morning.  (Yes!  The same David Wechsler who makes all that fabulous music we use!  He's such a talented guy!)  With so much sugary goodness at my fingertips, today seems like a perfect time to announce that Monkeyhouse will be kicking off our 10th anniversary season with a scrumptious party entitled Your Just Desserts and you are invited!

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