More conversations with choreographers on FORA.tv

by karen Krolak

As you know, I adore dialogues about dance and I love when people respond to a post. For example, after yesterday's piece on kerPlunk, Lisa Niedermeyer, the Virtual Project Manager for Jacob's Pillow sent me a lovely thank you note. In it she also mentioned a new site, FORA.tv, where she has been broadcasting some clips from recent Pillow Talks.

Since I haven't made it out to Becket yet this summer, I was delighted to browse through her well-edited videos. This one on the connection between modern and South Indian dance touched on some themes that have reverberated through quite a few of my conversations at Springstep. Oh, and there is a section in the middle where they talk about Pina Bausch that reminded me of my research for AWAKE: Moving Dance Forward. Isn't it delightful when things tie together so easily at the end of a week?

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