Ashley Chandler interviews Amy Marshall (Part 2 in the Save the Stage series)

by Ashley Chandler

(Part 2 in our Save the Stage series exploring people's experiences at Inside/Out at Jacob's Pillow.)

Amy Marshall Dance Company (AMDC) from New York will be hitting the Inside/Out stage this Thursday August 19. I have had the opportunity of studying with the company at both the Winter and Summer 2010 intensives and have become enthralled by their commitment and passion for Amy’s work. Amy Marshall, the artistic director and choreographer, was kind enough to take the time to answer some questions about the work and upcoming performance. Here is what she had to say:

Ashley Chandler: Have you ever presented at the Pillow on Inisde/Out before?

Amy Marshall: No, my company has never performed at Inside/Out. However, I did perform on it with Taylor2 back in 1996, I believe. I also attended Jacob's Pillow as a student of the modern program with Milton Myers and David Parsons back in 1988 which was my first introduction to modern dance.

AC: Which pieces will the company present there?

AM: AMDC will be showing two works: Vortex: A story of transcending limitations to open the self to inner power. Set to music by Rejendra Pressana, this work takes shows a ritualistic process of becoming part of a powerful group. And English Suite: a classically-based dance full of sweet nuances, set to music by H.H. Parry. In five sections, the piece presents a joyous summer season blooming with the vibrancy of life.

AC: Finally, what do you think about the efforts to preserve the Inside/Out stage?

AM: I think it is extremely important to save this stage and every stage. The Pillow has been such a huge force in promoting modern dance as well as all styles of dance. The more places there are to perform the more chances dancers have to dance as well as audiences to see dance. In this day and age where so much of our attention has turned to media, I feel it is integral that we keep as many stages thriving, especially ones which already have a dance audience such as the Inside/Out stage.

Amy Marshall Dance Company will be presented

at 6:15PM

August 19, 2010


To learn more about the campaign to Save the Inside/Out stage, click here. Thanks to everyone who has already donated, the Pillow has raised

They still need $20,000 more to match
their Massachusetts Cultural Facilities Grant.

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