Meet Gaby Mervis!

by Nicole Harris

Like Sarah, Gaby has been around Monkeyhouse for a long time. She was our first summer intern and, in fact, was the person who started this very blog. Now that Gaby has graduated from college we are incredibly excited to have her as one of our Bloggers In Residence. She'll be spending much of the next year in Israel so keep an eye out for her international voice as she starts posting!Gabriella is a recent graduate from Goucher College with a degree in Dance Administration and minors in Psychology and Management. At school, she served as the Hillel President, as well as the Overnight Coordinator for the Ambassadors Organization and Admissions Counselor Assistant. Additionally, she spent the spring semester of her junior year studying at Macquarie University in Sydney, Australia. She loves to dance, learn, and be silly. She has had incredible involvement with Monkeyhouse including volunteer for many years, intern during the 2008 summer, and performer in the Boomtown Festival that same summer. She is excited to be involved with the organization in yet another aspect and is looking forward to bringing an international perspective to the blog, as she will be living in Israel for the next ten months.

Want to know a little more about Ryan, Sarah, Gaby, Sarah and Sabrina? Check out their bios on our website! Keep an eye out for more news from them soon as they start their posts next month!

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