Happy Birthday Shannon Sullivan!

by David Makransky 


Monkeyhouse wishes a hearty "Happy Birthday" to Shannon Sullivan! The resident Tap specialist at Impulse Dance Center in Natick and independent teacher at
Springstep, Shannon has instructed and inspired countless young students with her unique combination of dance and music experience. Since the age of three she has been dancing through life, studying at the New Jersey School of Ballet and continuing her training with such masters as Julia Boynton, Brenda Bufalino, Barbara Duffy, Josh Hilberman, Pamela Raff and Lynn Schwab. But what separates Shannon from other choreographers and gives her dancing such a distinct flair is the depth of her knowledge of rhythm and music theory. Shannon earned her Master's Degree in music education from Gordon College, with a focus on trumpet. This formal musical training provides her work with an invaluable foundation; her tap students acquire refined senses of rhythm and musicality, and her own dancing reflects a rare musical subtlety and creativity.

Shannon worked for years as the artistic director for Impulse's TAProject, a superbly talented tap ensemble and one of Shannon's many connections to Monkeyhouse.  TAProject has been featured in several Monkeyhouse performances, helping to connect the greater Boston community to ever more creative and youthful tap choreography.  Shannon herself has also performed extensively around Boston. Her perpetually inventive and accessible work even inspired Monkeyhouse's own Karen Krolak to begin studying tap dance. 

Monkeyhouse continues to be astounded by Shannon's devotion to her art, shown through performance but especially through instruction. Shannon demonstrates the
beauty and musicality of tap dance to all her students, inspiring true passion within them and making choreography approachable and exciting to a multitude of new dancers every

Happy Birthday, Shannon!

And a special Happy Birthday to our other January birthdays!
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