Monkeyhouse Loves TAProject!

by Rosie Steinberg

TAProject is a tap company based out of Impulse Dance Center in Natick founded by Monkeyhouse's Nicole Harris. Talented young dancers tap their hearts out in rehearsals with choreographers Shannon Sullivan and Sarah Friswell weekly. When asked why she loves TAProject, member Sarah McEachern replied, "I love TAProject because it is not only a place of self expression, but also one filled with great tappers whom I can learn a great deal from." This collaborative environment is one that fosters an incredible performance level. These high school students feel comfortable enough to push themselves towards mastering new steps and routines, and it shows.

As an alumni of TAProject, choreographer Sarah Friswell appreciated it as a student because "
It taught me how to learn tap choreography quickly and made me a better improvisational artist". Now as one of the instructors, she hopes to teach her students these valuable skills. This well rounded program also teaches dancers to appreciate and learn from the work of others. Company member Annie Lessard combines her love for tap and hip hop dancing by studying the work of Shawn Byfield. This open and creative mindset is making way for innovative and exciting new work, like the company's upcoming piece with Natick High School's a capella group Seven's Not Enough. Monkeyhouse has all the praise in the world for this program and the effect it is having on the next generation of dancers. TAProject's talent and commitment to this art form goes well beyond their years, as one can see in a short clip from one of their rehearsals below. For more come to Monkeyhouse's Against the Odds Festival , March 21st-24th, where they will be performing!

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