Heart & Sole Application!

by Ryan P. Casey 

Do you have a special duet that you've been itching to perform? A favorite dance partner you want to work with? A musician you've wanted to dance alongside? Here is your chance!

In honor of Valentine's Day 2014, I am producing "Heart & Sole," an evening of dynamic duets at Arlington's historic Regent Theatre - and I want YOU to be a part of it! Applications are now open through the month of October to participate in this special evening of talented twosomes.Jazz, tap, hip hop, ballet, contemporary, modern, ballroom, classical Indian, Latin fusion -- performers of any and ALL styles are welcome and encouraged to apply to perform! Professional and sophisticated pre-professional dancers in the Boston area can submit applications and do NOT have to be affiliated with a dance company.

In the spirit of events like Luminarium Dance's 24 Hour ChoreoFest (in which both myself and Monkeyhouse were fortunate to participate this summer), I want to use "Heart & Sole" as a way to bring together a diversity of Boston dancers and showcase the engaging, entertaining, and varied dance community we have here in the Bay State. It is my every wish to make lasting friends and memories through this performance while showing off some of the best dance talent in the area!

If you want to get involved, check out the http://heartsoledance.weebly.com/ official website and apply today - or contact me and learn how you can help out. Be creative! A duet can feature two dancers of different styles; a dancer and a musician; one dancer playing two different roles.... The possibilities are boundless! Let's see the passion for dance that lives in your heart & in your soles!

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