Meet Danny Foner!

by Marie Libbin 

You've already read some articles by Danny. Now I wanted to let you know a little more about him. So his fellow intern Marie sat down and had a little chat with Danny about how he came to be an intern and the projects he's working on. Enjoy! -Nicole 

by Joel Foner

ML: How did you hear about/get involved with Monkeyhouse?

DF: I'm not sure when I first heard about Monkeyhouse. My awareness of it just sort of seeped into my consciousness, probably from either working with Nicole in musicals or through friends who were involved.

ML: How has your participation in the arts positively impacted your life?

DF: The arts have had an incredible impact on my life. I consider music, theater, dance, drawing, and others to be core parts of my identity. Without them, I have no idea where (or who) I would be. I think the creative aspect of the arts has encouraged me to grow as an individual, and art continues to be a major source of inspiration, relaxation, and motivation in my life.

ML: I know that college applications are in full swing right now. What are some of your goals for the future?

DF: In college, I definitely want to continue my involvement and growth in theater. Depending on the school, I hope to be either majoring in musical theater or acting, although only time will tell. After that, my plans for the future are a little less defined - right now, I barely have enough time to think about the next weeks or months, let alone the next years!

ML: You're currently involved in Natick High School's Fall musical production. Can you talk a little about the show and your role in it?

DF: Well, I'm currently in Natick High School Drama's production of Once Upon a Mattress. The show is a hilarious musical comedy based on the story of the princess and the pea. So far, I'm really enjoying it - the script is witty and surprising, the music is excellent, and Nicole's choreography is, as always, quite challenging, yet extremely rewarding to learn. I play Prince Dauntless, the hapless hero of the story, who yearns to find love. However, he is thwarted by his controlling mother, played by the excellent Katelyn Sweeney, who refuses every princess who arrives at the castle gates. I won't say much more, since I wouldn't want to spoil the rest, but all signs suggest that this show is not going to be one to miss!

ML: Thanks for your time, Danny! Danny is a senior at Natick High School and is a very talented musician, actor, and dancer. He's such a blast to watch perform onstage. His involvement and passion for the arts is admirable, and his sense of humor is undeniable. We're so lucky to have Danny on the Monkeyhouse team!

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