Thank you, Thank you, THANK YOU!

Dear Friends:

We have reached November which means the trees are getting naked, there is pumpkin flavored EVERYTHING and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving, is rapidly approaching. My love for Thanksgiving isn't just because my mother makes the world's best apple pie or even because every year the day after Thanksgiving is opening night for the musical at Natick High School (which I've spent the previous three months working with thirty amazing high school students on.) Thanksgiving is an entire holiday based around being grateful. And food. (And football, but I ignore that part.) No matter how ugly any given day or week or year may be, I am constantly aware of how incredibly lucky I am. My life is filled with some of the greatest people on earth (the aforementioned high school students included), I survived a health crisis and have been dancing again for an entire year (!), and I get to list "choreographer" next to the question "occupation." I know that none of these things would be true if not for Monkeyhouse and all the amazing people affiliated with it. To each of you reading this (and to my mentor/inspiration/partner in crime, Karen, this goes double): Thank you for allowing this organization to continue for another year and giving me a place to call home. Your continued support and encouragement mean more to me than you'll ever know.

Monkeyhouse is feeling especially grateful this year, too, so we've decided to celebrate our own THANKS Giving. Every day from November 1st through the end of the year, we will be thanking one of the countless people who have gotten us to where we are. Take some time to visit our Facebook page to get to know more about these incredible people. Some you have met at Monkeyhouse events, some you've heard stories about, and some might be entirely new to you. Now is your chance to learn more about this wonderful community and maybe even strike up a conversation!

Don't forget, in this time of gratitude that: 

Without U We'd Just Be Monkeyhose.

Love - 
Nicole and All Your Friends at Monkeyhouse

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