What's Wrong if You Don't Have Music Rights?

by karen Krolak

You may have noticed that Monkeyhouse does not use pop music in our concerts. Contrary to popular belief this is not because we lack an appreciation for Imagine Dragrons, FUN, or Macklemore. We just could not afford the rights to their music on our budget. (And, to be fair, we also a huge fans of more independent musicians.) Usually, when I explain this to people, I get this really strange look and occasionally someone will say rather too politely, "You know you can buy those songs on iTunes for less than $2." Now I will admit that back when I started at LeeAnn's School of Dance in the 70's, the teacher actually used a record player but that doesn't mean that I am ignorant about mp3's and digital downloads. However, few people realize that purchasing a recording of a song does not give you permission to perform to it. If this is news to you, you might be relieved to know that many of the choreographers we have mentored at Monkeyhouse were also startled to discover this fact.

This is a thorny topic that has become even more complicated in the age of Youtube and other online video sharing sites. So we have planned a couple of articles talking to people in the music industry to try to clarify things for people. To get the ball rolling, I highly recommend this well written piece on the DANCE/USA website.

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