Jason Ries' Norton Nomination

by karen Krolak

Congratulations to Monkeyhouse's Production Manager, Jason Ries! He is part of the outstanding design crew from Actors' Shakespeare Project's Twelfth Night: Cristina Todesco [sets], Molly Trainer [costumes], Jason Ries [lighting], and Arshan Gailus [sound], that was nominated for an Elliot Norton Award. Since Jason came on board as Actors' Shakespeare Project's Production Manager five years ago, the company has received numerous accolades for design elements but this is the first time that he has personally been nominated. We are so proud.

On a related note: I am thrilled that Candide's design team: Daniel Ostling [set], Mara Blumenfeld [costumes], T.J. Gerckens [lighting], and Richard Woodbury [sound] were also nominated. I don't know that I ever would have gotten the gumption to design costumes if it were not for Mara Blumenfeld. Heaven knows that Princess Pamplemousse would never have found that fabulous feathered hat without her.

Keep your fingers crossed and we will let you know what happens on May 21.

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