Monkeyhouse Loves JK Photo!

by Nicole Harris

When we planned the first Your Just Desserts in 2010 I thought, what could be more fun than a photo booth run by someone with an contagious energy and enthusiasm, rivaled only by his love for taking photos?  So, I called up my cousin Jonathan.  Probably my oldest friend, Jon and I went through childhood side by side.  We shared friends, clothes and interests and now that we had grown up I was thrilled to able to share in the artistic endeavors that make us both who we are. 

His photo booth was a huge success and when Against the Odds rolled around we were happy to have Jon there snapping photos.  (Isn't that photo from Eva Dean Dance so sweet?) 

More than a year later, Jon has made a lot of life changes, from his now one year old son and the start of his new photography business.  Whether they're family portraits, wedding candids or beautiful landscapes, Jon has a real knack for bringing out the personality of everything his lens touches.  When I asked him about the start of his new business, JK Photo, he said, "When you posted the photos I took of Monkeyhouse and I saw 'photos by Jonathan Keith' I realized that this was something I could do." 

Well, everyone here at Monkeyhouse is 100% behind you, Jon.  And we are forever grateful for everything you do for Monkeyhouse!  You can catch many of Jon's photos at the JP Licks in Harvard Square, Davis Square and Legacy Place for the next few weeks and don't miss the Moooving for Meaning Photo Booth at Your Just Desserts on September 28th!

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