Monkeyhouse Loves Jon Wye

by Nicole Harris

Your Just Desserts is just FIVE days away and everyone at Monkeyhouse is gearing up for an amazing night!  To make sure that you are as excited as we are, here are some of the adventures we have in store for you!  Purchase your tickets today!

A few years ago, when looking for a new roommate, Karen told me about the Facebook status of a belt maker from Washington, DC whose belts she had recently fallen in love with.  Jon Wye, a company that makes belts, t shirts, wallets and all sorts of serious awesomeness, was expanding to New York and their people needed a place to live.  It turns out that Jon and his business partner Jeff don't just make outstanding belts but they are pretty wonderful people too.  When we did Your Just Desserts the first time Jeff was kind enough to donate a belt and an apron to our auction.  The battle for the belt was intense and to this day people still talk about how sad they are that they didn't get it.  Well, have no fear, folks!  Jon has generously donated something to this year's auction too!

While the Jon Wye store in New York has closed, in addition to their DC adventures they can still be found every holiday season at Grand Central and even better than that, they can be found here in Boston at the SOWA Open Market!  Check out the booth today and then buy your tickets to Your Just Desserts!

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