Happy September Birthdays!

By Courtney Wagner

 Happy Birthday, Mariah!
Mariah began working with Monkeyhouse last summer, creating a brand new piece for our upcoming Against The Odds Festival.  SInce then, we have had many fun musings with her new ideas and techniques and have nearly finished this new work!  How exciting to get to work with a different artist at our regular rehearsals.  In addition to working with Monkeyhouse Mariah has been plenty busy!  She spent a good deal of the summer traveling all around the country and is now teaching at Endicott with our own Nikki Sao Pedro-Welch.  Mariah is also preparing for her BCA Residency this fall where she will have a month long residency in the BCA studios before a performance of new work in November.  Congratulations Mariah!  We look forward to all of these upcoming performances as you continue to grow Quicksilver Dance!

Monkeyhouse also wishes Happy September Birthdays to:
Valerie Perrine, Beyonce Knowles, Mitzi Gaynor, Lola Falana, Sabrina Bryan, Frederick Ashton, Juliet Prowse, Lawrence Leritz, Deborah Kerr, Tony Waag, Anne Howarth, Tanya Rivard, Michelle Dorrance, Lewis Glass, Sarah Friswell, Olivia Scharff, Ashley Chandler, and Allie Fiske.

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