Win a Palindrome!

By Courtney Wagner

As if you needed more reasons to attend Your Just Desserts, let me give you one more...

Among other things Your Just Desserts will include an auction where you can win all sorts of amazing prizes, including a belt by Jon Wye, some goodies from JP Licks, some cupcakes or dance lessons.  What hasn't been mentioned is your very own palindrome!

Barry Duncan is a Master Palindromist, and has created a palindrome specifically for Monkeyhouse.  Barry has been working with Karen and Nikki all year long and the palindrome is part of Back Going No Going Back, an incredible collaboration of dance, spoken word, and projection art.

Barry will be at YJD tomorrow night, and he has even written a special palindrome about the event.  Better yet, you can WIN a palindrome by Barry!  Barry gets ideas from all kinds of things and has written lots of specialized and personalized palindromes in the past.  Don't miss the chance to meet such a unique guy!

See you tomorrow night!  You can also learn more about Barry Duncan by reading my interview series with him coming soon to C2C!

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