GoodShop for Monkeyhouse!

by Marie Libbin

Do you do your holiday shopping online? If yes, then check out GoodShop! The great part about this website is that for just doing your normal holiday shopping, a portion of the money from purchases are given to non-profit organizations. They have thousands of popular stores and companies to choose from and even have coupons for many of these stores right on the website. All you have to do is choose the store you want to shop from on the GoodShop page and it will immediately connect you to that store's website. A percentage of your purchase will then be directly donated to Monkeyhouse. It's so simple, why wouldn't you do it?

Not good at remembering Gooshop? Don't worry! There is also a toolbar that will remind you when you go to a participating store's website that you can get coupons and make a donation for shopping there so you don't have to remember to go to Goodshop all the time.

Your shopping choices consist of everything from "banking and finance" to "toys and school". The different categories makes it easier to find that you're looking for right off the bat. The categories can also spark ideas if you haven't decided what you want to buy friends and family yet... This is so much better than Googling: "good holiday gifts!"

Get some great deals on your holidays purchases, while also benefiting Monkeyhouse! Have a GoodShop Holiday and make all your gifts give just a little bit more!

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