Against the Odds, Take Two!

photo by Jonathan Keith
We are thrilled, excited and generally delighted to announce that Against the Odds is BACK!  We want to thank you all for your patience and support as we rescheduled Against the Odds from the fall.  As the end of the year approaches we have kicked off a lot of our preparations for the festival which will be taking place:

March 21st-24th 
98 George P. Hassett Dr., Medford

We already have confirmation from Ryan Casey, Six One Seven Dance Collective, TAProject, Janelle Gilchrist, Audra Carabetta and Mariah Steele that they will be participating in the festival, and we're just getting started!  Within the company we are creating a whole slew of amazing new pieces from some of your favorite choreographers and some new ones too!

We have also kicked off our IndieGoGo campaign for the 2013 Against the Odds Festival.  Please take a minute to read a bit more about the festival and the artists, then tell your friends!  The biggest support you can give us is to be ambassadors for Monkeyhouse!  YOU know what we're about and what our organization aims to do - and THAT support and interest, more than anything else, is what has made us the group that we are today.  If you believe in what we're doing - please pass information about Against the Odds to anyone you know who might be interested in supporting the idea as well.  Talk us up at your holiday parties!  Tell the ladies you have lunch with about us!  Give us a shout out on Facebook!

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