Happy Birthday Marty Allen!

by Marty Allen
Monkeyhouse's Birthday Boy of the Month is Marty Allen! A veritable jack-of-all-trades, Marty is a working artist, writer, musician, puppet maker, and liker of life hailing from Massachusetts. Marty's artistic endeavors have been numerous and uniquely creative, leaving a distinct footprint on the world of art. Thrice he has taken on the Songaday Project, composing a total of 90 songs in as many days. Balancing his musical
talent is Marty's obvious and distinct aesthetic. Dotting the walls of collectors and sock puppet enthusiasts across the world are Marty Allen's critically acclaimed puppet
portraits. The only sock puppet portrait salesman in the world, Marty has filled a very unique niche by marketing photographs of his own hand-made characters. Each comes with a detailed backstory, both of the character's life and the thought process that led to Marty's creation of each character.

Uncle Monsterface by Marty Allen
The love of character and story construction that first inspired Marty's sock
puppets has recently developed into his newest project: writing. His latest series of sock puppets is the cast of the upcoming novel, "Theodore and The SEVEN LAYERS OF SPACE Part 1: The Search For Mozzarella Botticelli." Marty's passions for story, puppetry, and music combine for his largest claim to fame: the multimedia rock band, Uncle Monsterface. Uncle Monsterface, named for the puppet member of the band, has toured nationally and released two full albums and EPs (available on iTunes!). Marty has been a tremendous supporter of Monkeyhouse, even featuring us in Songaday's blog, and
continues to inspire us with his perpetual creativity.

Happy birthday, Marty!

p.s.  Looking for amazing and creative holiday gifts?  Marty can be found at the Union Square Holiday Market in New York City selling his amazing sock puppet portraits right up until the big day!  Not in NYC?  Don't worry!  You can buy them online too, although you must order by December 15th in order to get them by Christmas!

Monkeyhouse would also like to wish the happiest of birthdays to these lovely December babies:

David Makransky, Thomas Durand, Sarah Grace, Todd Shanks, Jon Lavalley, Marty Allen, Sammy Davis Jr., Ralph Farris, Mara Blumenfeld, Barry Duncan, Rowan Salem, Jenna Dewan, Jennifer Beals, and Jose Greco.

If you don't know who all these fabulous people are make sure you take a minute to check out some of the links!  Whether they are famous choreographers or local supporters our birthday boys and girls do some really amazing things.

Want to be on the birthday list?  Click here and let us know when your birthday is!

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