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Dear Friends:

Last month I heard from a number of you about how much you've been enjoying our newsletters.  Before we get to the fun stuff I have a quick order of business for all GMAIL USERS.  Many small businesses and non-profits have found that their emails are being automatically sorted into the "promotions" folder and therefore overlooked with this new email sorting system. Please take a minute to drag and drop a Monkeyhouse email into your "primary" email folder. This will ensure you continue to get Monkeyhouse goodness there every month.  Thanks!

Now, back to your regularly scheduled progamming:

Monkeyhouse is kicking things into high gear as we get ready for fall.  Karen, Aisha, Nikki and I are creating magic over at the Middlesex Fells along with guest choreographer Laila Fatimi and performers from Endicott College as we get ready for Dance in the Fells in October.  We are excited to have the opportunity to work with Two Roads once again in such a beautiful location!  Karen and I will be heading to New York City in September to perform in the DUMBO Dance Festival in Brooklyn.  After taking a year off from the CoolNY Dance Festival we are thrilled to be heading back to White Wave with some of the work created for Against the Odds.  Next week I will be locked in the Dance Complex with Shannon Sullivan for an overnight dance making adventure at CHOREOFEST with Luminarium Dance.  There are all sorts of other exciting artists involved, including our dear friend Ryan Casey, so don't miss out!

While we are busy with our preparations, I know that many of you are busy getting ready for back to school.  Whether you're heading to college for the first time, sending your kids to middle school, or simply taking advantage of back to school sales, we'd like you to remember Monkeyhouse as you do your online shopping.  Head over to Goodshop and a percentage of your sales will be donated to Monkeyhouse!  AND, there are all sorts of coupons for the places you're already shopping.  Target, Apple, Bed Bath & Beyond, Staples...  It's all there!  Do a little good with your back to school shopping this year!

Much Love - 
Nicole and All Your Friends at Monkeyhouse

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