Happy Birthday Joshua Legg!

by Nicole Harris

During my (very) brief stint in college I overlapped with then grad student Joshua Legg and when I left school and began this crazy Monkeyhouse adventure, he too happened to move to Boston.  He spent some time here dancing for Snappy Dance and working with Harvard before moving on to bigger and better things.  When we got back in touch again after many years through fellow Shenandoah University alum Tina Fratello (thank you, Facebook) I was amazed but not surprised to see how many wonderful things Josh has been up to in the past decade or so.

Josh is the author of Introduction to Modern Dance Techniques (October 2011: Princeton Book Company), a master teacher who has taught all over the world, an accomplished choreographer and a frequent contributor to various dance magazines.  Oh yeah, and he worked at the White House.

You can read more about Joshua including some of his articles here.  And be sure to wish him a happy birthday too!

What a wonderful month to be born!  Happy day to:

Bril BarrettJillian GrunnahDerek RolandKelly Long, Laurie Sales, Ed Ryan, Drew Jameson, Jilly RichcrickJoshua Legg, Alexandra Caporale, Courtney BlanchMichael JacksonMadonnaFelipe Galganni and James Gant!

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