Be a Monkeyhouse Ambassador!

Be A Monkeyhouse Ambassador!
We've been shouting about being a Monkeyhouse Ambassador for months now.  Just to prove that this idea works, I want to introduce you to long time Monkeyhouse supporter, Kelly Long.  Kelly has volunteered, come to shows and much much more over the years.  Last week Kelly took a minute to share our Facebook post about meeting our daily fundraising goal.  We were looking for 15 people to donate $7 each that day.  Thanks to that one post (that took Kelly less than a minute to share) we received $507 in donations.

So what are you waiting for!?  Share this post, "Like" us on Facebook then "Share" us with your friends, bring a new friend to each performance!  It only takes a minute and look at the difference you can make! 

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