Dance'n Feet

by Nicole Sao Pedro-Welch, Dance Company Member and Coordinator of Dance at Endicott College.

Dance’n Feet is a dance company comprised of women between the ages of 60 and 70 years of age. Their mission is to, “Have fun, learn new dances and tricks, and show that it’s never too late to enjoy dancing.” I had the pleasure of seeing Dance’n Feet perform “A Road to Nowhere” at Endicott College in 2011 during the “Guest Choreographer Showcse.” With Karen Krolak being the choreographer of both their piece and a piece featured in the Guest Choreography Showcase, I thought it would be a great idea to have them perform! I have to say I was utterly impressed by the partner work and energy each woman had during their dance. It was extremely inspiring because I hope to still be dancing at their age!

As stated on their facebook page, the company “practices and performs short, energetic jazz and acrobatic dance numbers” and I saw just that! One specific moment of the dance I remember was when one dancer flipped over a bar that two other women held and somehow ended up in a full split over their heads. Not only was she flexible, but she was extremely strong holding herself up on the bar she flipped over! The college students that performed in this show applauded and exclaimed, “I couldn’t even do that now!” “She is so flexible!”

Their performance from beginning to end was enjoyable and left the audience with smiles on their faces.

Even though Dance’n Feet is usually remembered for their acrobatic dance numbers, I also feel they are known for their dedication to the arts in Massachusetts, especially Monkeyhouse. Every time Monkeyhouse has an event or there is a dance event in the Greater Boston area, I always see a Dance’n Feet company member there. It is nice to see how supportive they are to other dance companies and events while staying active in their own company, families, and jobs.  (They have 40 grand children between the company which I am sure keeps them busy!)  Dance'n Feet company members are all wonderful, and inspiring women. I am looking forward to seeing them perform again in the near future.

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