Meet Against the Odds Artist, Merli Guerra!

Merli V. Guerra is a professional dancer and interdisciplinary artist with a background in ballet, modern, and classical Odissi technique. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance and Studio Art from Mount Holyoke College, and is Artistic Director of Luminarium Dance Company in Cambridge. Since co-founding Luminarium in 2010, the company has received numerous grants and performance invitations, allowing Guerra to continue presenting new work throughout New England and New York. Guerra is also a lead company member of Deborah Abel Dance Company (Boston), and a member of Nataraj Dancers (Amherst), a classical Indian dance company with whom she studied in India in 2007 and performed in Japan in 2009. Most recently, Guerra returned from performing a lead role in Calling to You, a modern dance production with Deborah Abel Dance Company, which was invited by the Indian government to tour India during December of 2012. Outside of dance, Guerra is an award-winning artistic filmmaker. Her films, art installations, and choreographic works have been selected and showcased in venues across New England and New York, among them: Rhodywood Filmmakers Showcase, Boston Center for the Arts, Mount Holyoke College, Seacoast Fringe Festival, Mobius Alternative Arts Space, OBERON, New England Quilt Museum, Ithaca College, and Jennifer Muller/The Works in NYC. As a teacher and choreographer, Guerra combines the drive and fluidity of contemporary dance with the intricacies of Eastern hand gestures. Her interests lie in the layering of video projection with live performance, and in setting the visual arts into motion. Learn more at merliguerra.com/dance.

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