February Birthdays!

by Katelyn Alcott
This February Monkeyhouse would like to wish a very happy birthday to Sarah Feinberg and Caitlin Meehan!

These two birthday ladies are currently working on a piece together for Monkeyhouse's Against the Odds festival. The duet features the two in a tango with their feet tied together. Caitlin says that "it has been an interesting and hilarious rehearsal process". Sarah is also working on a similar duet with Nikki Sao Pedro Welch which stemmed from the same series of Musings (improvisational exercises at the start of every rehearsal) that worked with attaching dancers together by different body parts to see where that took them.

In addition to the duet Caitlin is working on a solo piece, Disarmed, as well as many others, some including giant yoga balls! Outside of Monkeyhouse Caitlin is currently working on a piece with Falling Flight project in collaboration with Kieran Jordan and Dancers. The group is incorporating Irish Step Dance and Modern dance. Caitlin works at the Boston Ballet box office.

Sarah is a graduate from Ithaca College where she got a Bachelor of Science in Speech Language Pathology and Audiology with a minor in Deaf Studies. She is currently working at the New England Center for Children as a teacher of children with autism while applying to graduate programs to get her masters in occupational therapy.

Fun facts about our two birthday ladies:

Caitlin is she is the owner of the worlds tallest indoor cactus plant. The cactus lives in her kitchen. Construction crews have been contemplating how to elevate the ceiling in order to allow for the cactus to continue its growth through to the next floor.
Sarah is a former student of Nicole and Karen's at Impulse Dance Center where she and Sarah Friswell grew up dancing side by side. If you asked them at age 6, 12 or 17 they never would have guessed that they would be dancing side by side today too!

As always, a wonderfully happy birthday to anyone celebrating in February, especially:

Andew Palermo, Benjamin Rogers, Minna Scholten, Pam Harris, Shelia Friswell, Leah Jonhanson, Stephanie SuneSarah FeinbergJason (Mouse) VasquezCaitlin MeehanPeggy Wacks, Joanne Dougan, Deborah FriedesSteve Wightman, and Bill T. Jones

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