Engineering Swing?

by N. Sao Pedro-Welch  

Karen came across an article recently that is quite interesting to dancers and non- dancers alike!  

Engineering students at Northwestern University aretaking a swing dance class, for credit.  It is designed to help them "think more quickly on their feet," and "to work more in a collaborative sense," according to Joe Holtgrieve, Assistant Dean.

They have to "break out of their comfort zone," to learn swing dance steps and problem solve on a social level by communicating to their partner during class. I personally think it is a great idea! The techniques they are using during class to break down actual swing dance steps can be applied to envisioning engineering solutions. I also feel it will help the students think more creatively and encourage them to listen more with their bodies by moving with their partner rather than discussing things. All of these tools are definite life skills to use for engineering purposes and for interpersonal relationships!    
To watch the video connected to this article, go to:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=msvbW_9fxfg

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