My Life As An Intern!

by Katelyn Alcott 

Photo by JK Photo
For me, Monkeyhouse came out of nowhere. I started my internship with Nicole and suddenly found myself in the midst of a whirlwind of blogs, luncheons, shows, dancing,  performances, palindromes, and parties. Despite being slightly overwhelmed at first. I slowly got the hang of things. As I did so, I realized the remarkable community/family dynamic the group possesses.

The feeling started when I was huddled around the dining room table at the Harris Household. I sat across from Karen and next to Nicole with several of my classmates around me. Still uncomfortable with things, I stayed quiet. But, I watched as my peers put things up for the discussion. I was amazed at how equally they were treated.

My next responsibility was the Your Just Desserts evening. I ironed table clothes and moved chairs, I sat in the hall to welcome guests and accept  their tickets. But my favorite part of the evening was watching as all the members of the community greeted,
Photo by JK Photo
welcomed and accepted each other without question.

My favorite opportunity was working the Against the Odds performances. I had the chance to witness beautiful self expression through dance and was left completely breathless. I saw all the familiar faces from parties earlier in the year and was able to greet them as a part of the community.

I would just like to extend my thanks to Monkeyhouse for this opportunity and for the wonderful work you do everyday!

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