What's Next for Monkeyhouse?

Dear Friends:

Where is your home? What makes it meaningful to you? How does it improve your quality of life? How does it orient you in the world? What would you do if you lost it? These questions have swarmed about my brain during the last twelve months. Jason and I were in the midst of moving when we got the news about the accident that killed the three family members who were my first definition of home. Shortly thereafter, Monkeyhouse learned that our artistic home, Springstep, was being sold. Never in my life have I felt so dizzy and disoriented or so acutely aware of the real value of having a home.

As of September 1st, Monkeyhouse is no longer in residence at Springstep. While we were packing up boxes, I reflected on how much our organization was able to grow during our time there. Our greatly subsidized rental rates, regular Musings, and rehearsal times allowed us to expand the number of dancers in the company, foster relationships with outside artists, and dramatically increase our repertoire. For the first time, we could rehearse, teach, perform, and run the organization from the same location. We were finally able to realize our dream to launch a festival about choreography and presented over a hundred of our favorite artists. Our connections to Medford's arts community introduced us to CACHE, the Mystic River CelebrationDance in the Fellsthe Medford Arts Council, and Mystic Coffee Roasters. My sadness at leaving this magnificent, monument of modern architecture created specifically for dance and music is tempered by my gratitude for all the amazing opportunities it provided.

Many people have enquired about where we are going next and the truth is we aren't sure yet. Rest assured that we are investigating several options and are open to any ideas that people may have. We have planned the 2013 - 2014 season around the ideas of being Misplaced & Displaced and will be involved in several site specific projects. Our current mailing address is PO Box 221 Somerville, MA 02143.

You have never been more vital to Monkeyhouse's survival. In the absence of a physical location, you are our home. I truly appreciate how patient you have been with me as I have navigated through the last incredibly arduous year. It has always been an honor to be a part of such an extraordinary community of people but I have been stunned by strength and compassion many of you have demonstrated. Your example emboldens me as Monkeyhouse embarks on this awkward transition. Where do you think we will be 525,600 minutes from now?

Love - 
Karen and All Your Friends at Monkeyhouse

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