Dance For World Community (Part 1)

by karen Krolak

Ok, so I am in Eastport, ME working with my 8th grade arch-enemy but that is a story for later. Just wanted to let everyone know that Monkeyhouse will be performing at the Dance For World Community Festival in Cambridge, MA this Saturday from 2:15-2:35 on the Harvard/Ware Stage. There will be plenty of other amazing companies there including several that you have read about here on Connect 2 Choreography. In fact, Mariah Steele will be dancing right before us!

At any rate, here is a list of all the dance companies who will be involved:

African Community Education Program
Anikai Dance/Wendy Jehlen
Annie Kloppenberg & Company
Annawon Weeden
Back Pocket Dancers
Ballet Arts Center of Winchester Performing Company
Benkadi Drum and Dance
Boston Dance Company and School
Boston Lykeion Ellinidon Greek Folkdance Group
Boston Swing Central & New School Swing
Center for the Performing Arts-North Andover
Chu Ling Dance Academy
Contrapose Dance
Dance Currents, Inc.
Dance Visions, Inc.
Dance’n Feet
Deepa Srinath’s Dance Group
Elite Dance Company L.E.A.D. Ensemble
Fischer & Hansson, LLP
Fran & Mariale Dance Fusion
Hip Hop Mamas
Iranian/Persian Dance Arts
Jennifer Hardy & Dancers
José Mateo Ballet Theatre
José Mateo Ballet Theatre’s YouthWorks
Ken Pierce Renaissance Dance Ensemble
Kinetic Synergy Dance Company
Krakowiak Polish Dancers of Boston
Legacy Dance Company
Luminarium Dance Company
Mariah Steele/Quicksilver Dance
Marsha Parrilla/Danza Organica
MaSs Dance Project
Movita Dance Theater
Navarasa Dance Theater
Neena Gulati & the Triveni Ensemble
OrigiNation, Inc.
Peanut Butter & Jelly Dance Company
Performance Studio SunDance
Prometheus Dance
Ritmo en Accion, Hyde Square Task Force
Salsa Matei Dance School
Salsa y Control Dance Company
Six One Seven Dance Collective
Snake Dance Theatre Company
Sokolow Now! The Anna Sokolow Contemporary Dance Company
Swagga Inc.
The AdamAnt Eve Dance Collective
Urbanity Dance
Wilmington Dance Academy
Xuchipilli Mexican Folkloric Ballet
Zoe Dance Company

I must run to look at hardware now to start building costumes for the Eastport project. Yes, I am back on that jag again. Bwa ha ha ha. More info on Eastport soon.

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