Inside/Out Anew

by karen Krolak

Ok, I am hankering for vacation time so I can hotfoot it out to Becket and bask on the benches of the new Inside/Out stage. As further incentive, this summer's Inside/Out line up makes me drool. I am especially excited that two former classmates from Northwestern University, Julia Rhoads of Lucky Plush and Amanda Selwyn of Amanda Selwyn Dance Theater, will be dancing there this summer.

In fact, let's start humming It's a Small World After All and meditate for a moment on how this stage supports the dance ecosystem. For example, Boston's Urbanity Dance will also be bounding about Inside/Out in August. Urbanity recently presented a piece choreographed by Ryan Casey, who was just named as one of Monkeyhouse's Bloggers-in-Residence. As you may remember from his post last summer, Ryan performed at Inside/Out as part of the first Tap program at the Pillow. Isn't it humbling and inspiring to consider how many people have launched their careers from Inside/Out's platform and to realize how many people teamed up to breathe new life into this stage?

So until I can sneak out to the Berkshires, please, please, please, feel free to chime in with your comments, pictures, or opinions about your experiences at new stage either as a performer or an audience member.

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