GoodShop = Free Money for Monkeyhouse and YOU!

Raise money for Monkeyhouse just by searching the web and shopping online!

If you're anything like me then you don't have extra money to donate to all the worthwhile organizations in your life, much as you would love to.  Well, GoodShop is a perfect solution to your problem!  GoodShop will donate up to 33% of the online shopping you already do at places like Amazon.com, iTunes and Barnes & Nobles to the charity of your choice.  (Ahem... Ahem....)  All YOU have to do is start your online shopping adventure at GoodShop and you can chose from coupons to thousands of places you already shop.

Not good at remembering to head to GoodShop?  This handy dandy toolbar will let you know every time you're on a website that has GoodShop coupons and donations!

So, to re-cap:  If you do all your online shopping through GoodShop you will not only be helping support your favorite non-profit but you'll have access to thousands of online coupons!  What are you waiting for!?

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