Tuesday #1 -True East

by karen Krolak

Look at this gem I discovered during my adventures!
Immersing myself in this residency has been spectacular so far. Just Tuesday I

*was greeted with farm fresh eggs donated by the community for breakfast,

* was welcomed on to Passamoquoddy tribal land by the faculty, staff, and students at the Beatrice Rafferty School,

*was invited to play a cello for the first time in my life in Alice's music class, 

Can you smell a new piece brewing?
*watched Ralph transform a fourth grader's insult into an engaging musical exercise,

* developed a top-secret project with those fourth grade students,

* was blown away by a group of phenomenal seventh graders who were not afraid to improvise silly sounds and movements,

* discovered during lunch that one of the seventh grade girls is related to the editor of the new Passamaquoddy dictionary (Keep your fingers crossed for me as I might get to meet him. How amazing would that be?),

* knit on the rocks next to Shead High School as we watched the first two innings of their playoff baseball game (One of the cellists in the Eastport Strings, Frank, is the team's shortstop. Shead won, by the way.),

* built a boat dance for a few very young violinists to accompany Wren's Waltz for Saturday's concert,

* analyzed how posture can improve the sound of the soloist in Bach's Chorale,

* led the Eastport Art Center's board through the parade route for Magnet to the Breakwater (What an enthusiastic group, they had a ton of wonderful ideas! Greg even offered to take us out on his boat to get an aquatic perspective on the area.),

* met the Editor of the Quoddy Tides,

*and discovered several reasons why people ship pregnant cows.

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