Broadway Auditions: A Real Life Story - Part II

by Sarah Friswell

Here's more from Hector about his experience auditioning in New York City for the past year!

SF: What was it like the first time you auditioned in NYC?

HF: Oh my goodness, my first few auditions in NYC were awful! I was nervous and I didn't know the standard procedures. My first audition was for a production of RENT. I got there bright and early and waited all day, but because I was so far down on the Non-Equity list, I didn't even get to audition! I was irate, but it was a learning experience I had to have.

SF: What was a really memorable audition for you along the way? 

HF: Picking my most memorable audition is hard. I would have to say the invited dance call for In The Heights
When I saw In The Heights on Broadway, I fell in love.  That show has about three or four rounds of dance calls and then there are more rounds of vocal auditions.  Unfortunately for me, I was cut in the third round, which was a vocal round. But they worked us out in the two dance rounds prior! The combination was taught at a very fast pace and the choreography of the show is very specific. I was so invested in booking the show and when I wasn't called back for another round, I nearly cried. Two days later I happened to bump into one of the instructors from the audition and she told me to stick with it and keep auditioning. She said it took her three years of auditioning for In The Heights before she booked it and that really motivated me to keep trying.

SF: What is your best advice for someone trying to do what you're doing? 

HF: The best advice I could give someone is to not get discouraged and stay in classes. You can never have too much technique. If you don't use it you loose it, so stay in dance class to keep your skills sharp!

SF: What have you learned through the audition process?

HF: The audition process has taught me that you can’t expect to just make it in this business. A lot of the times you’ll go and audition for the same casting director multiple times before they even know who you are and realize that you may have something to offer. So it takes a long time to get recognized. I also learned that you can’t be desperate for the job. If you’re desperate, you put too much weight into it and it makes you too nervous and you’ll never perform up to your potential. It has to not matter to you if you get it or not, because then you’ll be yourself and you'll be a more natural actor.

Look for one more post about Hector's stories coming soon!

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