Kick*ss class @ Cultivate

by karen Krolak

Although I won't be at Cultivate 2011 in time for this workshop, who can resist a class called  “Seriously Awkward” Contact Improvisation? While all the titles are tempting, this description begged to be shared and opens up some interesting questions about how and why we dance. Hope to see some of you up in Littleton, NH.

Rebecca Bryant: 
“Seriously Awkward” Contact Improvisation
In this workshop, we will use seriousness and awkwardness to our artistic advantage:  We will take contact improvisation seriously by setting aside the sometimes recreational emphasis of contact in favor of technical, compositional, philosophical, and performative discourse, thereby framing contact first and foremost as a highly evolved art form.
Unlike many contact workshops that focus on increasing each dancer’s comfort level, we will cultivate the awkward.  The often unacknowledged stylistic emphasis on smooth, flowing contact dancing will be replaced by illogical, stilted, quirky, and surprising movement.  We will find a fuller palette of expression and artistry by diversifying our physical choices as well as our notions of what contact improvisation encompasses.
We will draw from structures created and utilized by the Lower Left Performance Collective, including: The Fussy Dance, The Four Winds, and Event Dancing.  As an integral part of this workshop, we will watch each other to observe the results of exploration and to incite and inform our own dancing.
class:    “Seriously Awkward” Contact Improvisation
time:    Friday 10am-12pm
place: Great Hall, WMS
cost:    $25 (or, included in any Fest Pass)
for:       Movers with some previous contact experience, especially those interested in performing
more:    visit Cultivate on Eventbrite to reserve your spot!

Pssst...did you notice that one of the photos in the Cultivate poster is from Dance in the Fells? That is because Sarah Smith, who we interviewed about the BDA Open Call last fall will be performing at Cultivate. Anyone else have It's A Small World echoing in their brain now?

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