Images from Impulse Dance Camp

 by karen Krolak

Dance improvisation can totally intimidate kids initially. Last week, however, I met a group of students who immediately embraced the awkwardness and unpredictability of these exercises. I was teaching at Impulse Dance Center's Dance Camp and I was thoroughly impressed by the way these dancers ignited their own imaginations.

After one improvisation with folding chairs, I asked the girls to describe their experience. One girl began, "My chair started as my purse but then it became my home." Another chimed in, "Mine was a pair of wings and then a gun." By harnessing their creativity, we quickly whipped together a quirky little piece called Angels with Metal Wings in less than two hours. It was filled with phrases generated by the performers woven together with small bits of my own choreography.

I was so proud of the both the process and the end product that I thought I would share some images here. I wish these photos could communicate their earnest efforts to teach each other the sections they created or their effervescent attitudes. Knowing how easy it is for tweens to fall prey to petty competitiveness, I was thrilled by their concern for everyone in the group.

Huge thanks to everyone who showed up to encourage these lovely young women.

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