Broadway Auditions: A Real Life Story - Part III

by Sarah Friswell

Here's Hector Flores one last time, finishing up his stories from his New York City auditions.

SF: Even though you do this all the time now, do you still get nervous when you audition?

HF: I don't usually get nervous. The people you audition for are on your side. They want you to be the best so they can stop searching. I only get nervous when I have to audition for someone who is really important and/or recognized in the business. For example, when I was auditioning for In The Heights, I had to dance directly in front of Andy Blankenbuehler. You just have to use those nerves and turn them into positive energy.

SF: Did you ever feel like giving up? 

HF: Did I ever feel like giving up? So many times! This business is hard and most certainly not for the faint of heart. You are going to constantly hear "No", "You're not what we're looking for", or "You're just not good enough". It gets to you sometimes, but this is my dream. Every time I feel like I want to give up, I go out and see a show. It can be on Broadway, Off Broadway or anything really, and it fully recharges my batteries and reminds me of why I am a performer.

SF: Since we've been talking about mentors recently, would you say you have someone specific you've looked up to during this process?

HF: I don’t have a specific mentor. I think you learn from everyone. Michael Staczar (theater professor at the University of Tampa) taught me about keeping it together. My agent taught me to not worry about things, and other actors have taught me a lot too. I’ve met people on Broadway like Dan Domenech, the lead in Rock of Ages on Broadway currently, and he said don’t put a time limit on your goals and don't give up.  I’ve heard that bit of advice from several people. You just need to surround yourself with positive people. You can’t let other people’s jaded attitudes deter you from following your dreams. You can be a nobody one week, and then, six weeks later, be on Broadway and be a star that everyone is talking about. You have to be willing to fight for this, and it can be worth it. If you want to see the struggle, watch the movie Every Little Step - it details everything about the audition process.

SF: So what are you focusing on now as your career goals? Acting, singing, dancing?

HF: All three, sort of. I'm focusing on acting first but I’m a musical theater actor, and you can’t do a musical if you can’t dance. You need to have rhythm because you will be moving to music.  Anything that is underscored is considered choreography and is the responsibility of the choreographer. I just worked as the dance captain in my production of Altar Boyz and I eventually want to get into directing and choreographing. I have done a little bit of children’s choreography with the Charlotte Players in Florida and it was a great experience. I've had a great time working with choreographer Tammy Colucci for Altar Boyz. She's a great resource and has her own company called Dance Jamz, based out of NYC.

Thanks Hector for a great interview, and we'll look forward to hearing more about your blossoming career in the future!

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