An IRNE Award for Jason RIes

Pictured Mike Webb and Jake Athyal Photo Credit Liza Voll
 by karen Krolak

On Monday night the Boston Center for the Arts cyclorama was abuzz with local theater luminaries celebrating the annual IRNE awards. Early in the evening, Jason Ries, Monkeyhouse's Production Manager and all around Lighting Guru, won Best Set Design for Company One's The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity

In his acceptance speech Jason focused on the collaborative efforts of the cast and the design team. He mentioned how impressed he was by how much people on the project genuinely cared about each other especially considering that the play is amped up on testosterone and wrestling. 

Director Shawn LaCount told me later that, " Working with Jason on Company One's production of The Elaborate Entrance of Chad Deity was a pleasure and it is no surprise that the local theater awards honored him for his outstanding work." He continued, "Jason is a phenomenal collaborator. He is the kind of theater artist who helps break down walls of ego and pretense among a group of designers. He brings a 'whatever-it-takes' attitude and understands the need to strive, together, for excellence. Jason is a problem solver and positive thinker." I know that I am biased but I could not agree more. It is thrilling that Jason's creativity and dedication were recognized again.

Keep your fingers, toes, and any other appendages crossed because both Shawn and Jason have been nominated for Norton Awards for the same production. We will keep you posted on those announcements on May 13th. 

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