Being An Intern

by Rosie Steinberg

I recently had a conversation with Karen Krolak about dance, specifically partnering in modern, and its symbolism for human relationships in general. Weight sharing, effective communication, and trust are all crucial factors in both a productive partnering improvisation and in healthy relationships. With family, friends, co-workers, coaches, and teachers, I constantly see these factors come into play. Every day, I attempt to understand more of how to be a better person and communicator, and dance has become a reliable way to do so. Whether it be American Repertory Theater's production of "Marie Antoinette", F. Scott Fitzgerald's "The Great Gatsby", or Luminarium's Andromeda, I can take everything for what it is and simply enjoy it for its beauty. Then, afterward, I can scribble in a notebook about how it made me feel, what every movement represented for my personal journey through the piece, and how I can use these observations to learn something new about
myself. These experiences constantly humble my perception of myself and the world, reminding me that I know a lot less than I think I do. A humbling experience, yes, but a worthwhile one. Every opportunity I get to work with Monkeyhouse strengthens my love and appreciation for art. Thank you Monkeyhouse!

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