Spare Change

by Nicole Harris

Pennies.  We all have them.  Whether we keep them in jars, give them away or (god forbid) throw them out, there's no hiding from them.  While you might look at the tiny copper covered coins as nothing but another item to weigh down your purse, I'd like to remind you that if you put enough of them together they become a dollar.  And those dollars can be put to good use.  Just in case you don't believe me, here a few ways you can get your pennies up and moving.

Procrastination that Pays
It's Friday afternoon and you have long since checked out of your work week, but you've still got to kill time until the boss lets you leave.  So what do you do?  You break out the online solitaire or mahjongg.  (Don't lie, we've all done it.)   Why not let your card playing prowess be used to help create new dance pieces or connect communities to choreography?  All you have to do is head over to GoodGames instead of Facebook and for every three games you play a penny gets donated to the charity of your choice.  Ahem.  Monkeyhouse.

I know, pennies.  But think of how many games of solitaire you can rack up in an hour!?

Put Your Two Cents In
While watching videos online isn't the most exciting or stimulating way to spend your day, you can earn TWO cents for every video you watch through GoodTVAds!  While you're at it, raise an average of $1 for each GoodSurvey you fill out!  Spring is finally here, so we don't want you to waste away in front of your computer, but you can give your two cents once a day and you'll make a huge difference!

Forget 1%, Try 6% Instead!
We all eat out, probably far more than we should.  Instead of feeling guilty about that extra night on the town, make it work for you!  Choose one of thousands of restaurants across the country participating in the GoodDining program and you can have up to 6% of your bill donated to Monkeyhouse!  The best part is, once you register the donations come automatically so you don't have to remember to tell your wait staff!

Treat Yourself AND Do Good Deeds Simultaneously!
Online shopping is the the fastest and easiest way to get rid of that to-do list.  Head over to GoodShop to find hundreds of thousands of coupons for stores you already shop at such as Apple, Target, 1-800-Flowers and more!  A percentage of your purchase will be donated to your cause!  Not good at remembering to start with GoodShop?  Download the toolbar and it will remind you every time you go to a participating website!  While you're shopping, don't forget to check out GoodOffers to find more great deals!

Summer Vacation with Monkeyhouse!
While you're planning your summer getaway, start with GoodTravel!  It's filled with coupons and discounts for your big trip, not to mention that amazing donation to your favorite cause!  Where are you going this summer?

Making Change
Those are five ways you can make a difference without making a dent in your wallet.  It hasn't addressed those pesky pennies that seem to be multiplying in your car, on your dresser and it the bottom of your bag.  Why not put them to use too?  Grab yourself a jar, a bowl or an empty coffee can and put it wherever you empty your pockets at the end of the night.  Instead of dumping all that change into the pile of receipts and life saver wrappers toss it in the can.  Then bring the can to any Monkeyhouse event to make a donation you wont even miss!

How much Good are you doing?

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