Monkeyhouse Loves Endicott!

by Nikki Sao Pedro Welch 

Being a member ofMonkeyhouse for the past six years has taught me a lot about the creative process, risk taking, and building dance work with physicallimitations. Having had thethese experiences, I felt it was crucial to have students of Endicott College experience this during their college years. Dancers of Endicott have had the pleasure of working with Karen Krolak, artistic director of Monkeyhouse, Nicole Harris,co-founding member of Monkeyhosue, and Caitlin Meehan, six year member of Monkeyhouse. They have all set works on the Repertory Dance Ensemble and have taughtnumerous workshops. Students learned intricate tap work, a piece that involved a uni-sleeve, and a piece based on the Book and movie of "Alice and Wonderland." Monkeyhouse's approach to choreography is based on thepeople involved and what THEIR capabilities are and asaspiring dancers, it is important to know there are professional companies that do just this! 
As the teacher of the Repertory Dance Ensemble, and the Coordinator of Dance at Endicott, I know the students have learned so much from these experiences and are now more versitile dancers and artists. We look forward to future collaborations and building an even stronger relationship. 

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