Getting to Know the Interns

by Elyssa Berg

Have you met the new interns? Elyssa Berg and Laila Fatimi chose to work with Monkeyhouse for their senior internship. They have been dancing at Impulse Dance Center in Natick, MA since a very young age where they are both members of the Connecting Point Dance Company and the TAProject; two performing groups in the studio. Elyssa and Laila sat down to work on their interview skills by first conducting interviews on each other. Here are some of the questions asked during the interviews.

LF: What do you feel was the most important thing you learned from growing up at Impulse Dance Center?
Well, growing up 
at Impulse has definitely shaped who I am completely. I've spent most of high school held to a high standard of discipline that has taught me a lot. Being on time, never slacking off, always having to be on task and focused... I could basically keep going on for a while. Not only have I learned how important being a role model for the people around me is, but I have also learned how to work with a group. Being able to help others grow and have them help me grow and improve is an amazing process that never ceases to feel rewarding. Being part of the two performing companies,The Connecting Point Dance Company and TAProject, I was able to learn how to act professionally not only at venues that we are performing at but also in rehearsal and in class.

EB: What would you say has been your favorite experience while performing in the Connecting Point Dance Company?
LF: My favorite performance experience was at 12 Dancers Dancing in December 2011, at the Dance Complex in Cambridge, MA. I performed a piece called 'Mad World', created by Arie Hockman, with the rest of the Connecting Point Dance Company. I loved performing with a such a small group (three). It gave us a chance to connect as dancers, in a beautiful dance that is still my favorite piece that I have ever learned! It was the first time that I felt so much passion and connection towards a piece. I also had a great time getting ready for the piece. The Connecting Point Dance Company and Arie Hockman, the company's director, drove into Boston for about a week straight. We would grab some coffee from the cafe down the street, put our pale white makeup on, and perform. I think this gave us more time to bond and get to know each other as more than just dancers.
Check out the full interviews to learn more about the two interns!  

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