The Against the Odds Rockstar of the Day -- Amelia O'Dowd

by Nicole Harris

We are THRILLED that Amelia is part of Against the Odds, even from a few states away.  Ramfeezled, Amelia's choreography pictured above, will be performed by Nikki Sao Pedro this Friday!  (Buy your tickets now!)  Also, Amelia has sent some really amazing hand made items that will be on display throughout Against the Odds.

I'm sad Amelia wont be able to join us in person but I am glad that she will still be part of this exciting adventure.  Thank you Amelia!!

Against the Odds: 
Stories of Adaptation, Translation & Survival
March 18th-April 15th
Springstep, 98 George P. Hassett Drive, Medford, MA
For more information and to purchase tickets please visit our website!
Against the Odds is supported in part by the Medford Arts Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Thank you to Springstep for its support of this event.

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