The Against the Odds Rockstar of the Day - Quicksilver Dance

Mariah Steele performing at Movement at the Mill

by karen Krolak

Monkeyhouse thrives on introducing audiences to artists and vice verse. During our very first conversation about Against the Odds: Stories of Adaptation, Translation, and Survival, we committed to presenting opening acts. I knew exactly who I wanted to invite first, Mariah Steele of Quicksilver Dance. Her work had startled me at Movement at the Mills' January 2010 performance. Her duet with Hans Rinderknecht overflowed with fluid partnering that exuded a confident chemistry charged with comfortable balances and combustible bursts. Hopping on Megabus moments after the show ended, I mulled over the piece for much of the trip down to New York. I am so eager to hear how others respond to her work during the Spork after this Friday night's performance.

Both Nicole and I were charmed by Mariah's description of her piece:
German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer describes a human dilemma with a metaphor: two hedgehogs wish to become close to one another, for comfort and understanding; however the closer they become, the more vulnerable each is to hurt by the other's spines. This intimate duet explores a budding romantic relationship and the conflicting urges that draw us to one another and push us apart. Dynamic partnering results as the two dancers struggle with these forces while never losing touch with each other.

Aren't you rather curious to witness how this enigma unfolds?

Against the Odds: 
Stories of Adaptation, Translation & Survival
March 18th-April 15th
Springstep, 98 George P. Hassett Drive, Medford, MA
For more information and to purchase tickets please visit our website!
Against the Odds is supported in part by the Medford Arts Council, a local agency supported by the Massachusetts Cultural Council.

Thank you to Springstep for its support of this event.


j are is said...

Reason #2 to come see their piece: Orange costumes in an orange room! Might be more like CAMOUFLAGED hedgehogs!

Monkeyhouse said...

Wow..just realized what an animal theme we have in this festival...rhinos, hedgehogs, elephant tango ensemble....


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