Eva Yaa Asantewaa's Excellent Review

Eva Yaa Asantewaa photo by Deborah Feller
by karen Krolak

I love those moments when I stumble onto someone else's blog and just swoon over their style. This happens frequently with Eva Yaa Asantewaa's Infinite Body Blog. I relish the verbal intensity and articulate density of her writing. Today's post was so sassy I needed to share it with you. It riffs off of tap production at Danspace Project this weekend featuring Michelle Dorrance and Dormeshia Sumbry-Edwards. I was pleasantly flabbergasted when I caught these two stunning performers at a benefit for Haiti last winter around the time of the Cool New York Dance Festival. The  program is part of Platform 2011 Body Madness - Rhythm and Humor curated by David Parker (I think I have mentioned a few thousand times how much I admire his creativity and mentoring panache. There is still time to apply to glow, or perhaps grow, under his tutelage as part of the Summer Stages Choreographers' Project but get cracking applications are due on April Fool's Day.) Oh, and Ryan P. Casey, our favorite towering tap dancer, apparently appears in Dorrance's petit suite. If this show wasn't sold out, I might seriously consider slipping down to NYC tonight just to see it.


Eva YaaAsantewaa said...

Hey, thanks for your wonderful comments and support! I hear the show is completely sold out, but I hope you can manage to get in! With any luck, Danspace will find a way to extend it or bring it back!

k said...

You are more than welcome Eva. I will keep my fingers crossed and hope that they remount this show sometime soon.


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