The Against the Odds Rockstar of the Day -- Sarah Friswell

by Nicole Harris

Each of us here at Monkeyhouse have always considered ourselves amazingly lucky to have such a strong and dedicated group of students.  Today I was reminded of just how amazing they are when former student Sarah Friswell offered to help with not just one but FIVE upcoming interviews for Against the Odds.  You might remember Sarah from her article on audition advice, her interview with Michael Vernon or the tale of her first piece of choreography.  Keep an eye out for her here on the blog in the near future as she sheds a little light on some of the amazing people we have working on Against the Odds!

Thank you Sarah!  I love you!

(Are you interested in doing some interviews too?  
Let me know!)

For more information on Against the Odds and to buy tickets click here!

Against the Odds is supported in part by the Medford Arts Council, a local agency supported by the Mass Cultural Council.

Thank you to Springstep for its support of this event.

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Sarah! I am excited to read your upcoming interviews.


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